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Network Management Team

Network Management Team

Network Management Team

The Network Management Team is a group of clinical and non-clinical NHS professionals who are responsible for delivering the Network’s Work Plan. The team is made up of Clinical Directors, Lead Nurses and Managers, who work closely together to help meet the needs of CHD patients, families and carers.

 Management Team

Natali Chung

Having enjoyed the breadth and diversity of patients, colleagues and cardiology over the last two decades of working in CHD services, I am delighted that my role as a clinical director in the LCHDN will allow me to experience this even more in my day to day work.

I look forward to building new relationships with those centres and colleagues who are new to me as we all work together, driven by a shared vision of the best patient centred CHD network possible for all.

Lynda Shaughnessy

I have been fortunate to have a diverse career, working across the entire spectrum of CHD services. In my role as co-Clinical Director I have a wonderful opportunity to shape future CHD network services ensuring equitable high-quality services for all our partners as close to home as possible.

I look forward to working with all the members of our network to listen to their needs and working together to obtain excellence for all.

Susana de Sousa

I have had the privilege of working within Congenital Heart Disease services for the last 15 years, initially in Paediatrics and then Fetal, which also links to Adults. I have learnt so much from patients, families and professionals working throughout the network.

I am delighted to be part of the Lifelong CHD Network to provide support to all our partners enabling the delivery of accessible, high quality cardiac healthcare closer to home for all patients with CHD.


Nathalie Picaut

Having worked in the ACHD field for 20 years, I had the privilege to contribute to the development of services for patients and establish strong relationships with patients and professionals working in the speciality.

I am passionate by the CHD speciality and as one of the network lead nurses, I am looking forward to continue providing professional guidance and support to the delivery of CHD care across the Lifelong CHD Network.

Joe Eurell

I have over ten years experience of working for Cardiac services in different NHS Trusts. My background is largely in Operational Management, having managed both Paediatric and Adult Cardiology services but I have been a Network Manager for the past five years for the former GSTT-Evelina London CHD Network and now the Lifelong CHD Network.

I enjoy contributing towards long-term strategic change and am looking forward to all of the opportunities that our new network provides for patients and families.

Praise Phillips

I have worked in the NHS in various roles since I was a teenager, supporting communities, healthcare centres and hospitals. I have operational management experience managing both transition and adult services.

Now I work for the Lifelong CHD Network as an Assistant Network Manager supporting the various centres in our network and working on projects to support the strategic goal and overall network vision.

Ilin Hayter

I have worked within Paediatric Cardiology, Specialist Networks and the CHD Network over the last 10 years. This puts me in a good place to support the needs of the Network Management Team. I believe that there is an element of networking in every job we do. I like knowing we are all pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle and we all have our part to play.

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