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In 2016, NHS England published the Congenital Heart Disease Standards and Specifications, which detail the expectations for delivering care in specialist and local CHD centres.

GSTT, Evelina London and the Royal Brompton are committed to undertake meetings with as many network centres as possible for informal but informative discussions based around these CHD Standards.

  • The purpose of these meetings will be to:
  • Introduce and meet teams
  • Share best practices
  • Identify issues and/or risks
  • Provide support

Appropriate lead members of the network management will be present at these meetings including (but not limited to) the Clinical Director, ACHD Consultant Cardiologist or Consultant Paediatrician with Interest in Cardiology (PEC), Lead Nurse and General Manager from each local centre.

We continue to meet with network centres as part of an ongoing commitment to working in partnership.

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